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Winter is coming. In the chill that winter brings, quiet rumblings are growing in intensity during what sports fans might consider the peak of the football season.

There is a march being planned to protest the name of the Washington R*dskins. The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) denied the appeal to drop the use of the offensive term within the metrodome, inciting further anger and pain. 

As a result:


Thursday Night Football National Televised Game
Meet around 5:00 and the March is to start at 5:25 from the Minneapolis American Indian Center - 1530 East Franklin Ave. Minneapolis, Minnesota to the Mall of America Field followed by a Rally.
Drum groups are invited to bring their big drums or everyone is invited to bring their hand drums.
Idle No More is invited, Churches, and other organizations. We feel this is something that everyone needs to come together on. Red, Yellow, Black and White!!!

Event details:

I don’t have enough fingers, toes or hairs on my head to count the amount of times I’ve  heard people claim native ancestry. So… Where are you, in all of this?

On this day in history, November 5, 1862 a five-man military commission convicted 319 Dakota men. Of those men, 307 were originally sentenced to death - later reduced to 303 - and 16 sentenced to prison terms. Ultimately 38 were hanged after a review of their case by Abraham Lincoln.

The trials were the culmination of a bloody autumn in rural southwestern Minnesota that left more than 600 non-Indians dead (of those about 120 were soldiers or armed civilians). An estimated 75 to 100 Dakota fighters were killed, not including the 38 who were hanged. Ultimately, as many as one-quarter of the 1,700 Dakota people who surrendered to the U.S. Army died within the following year because of brutal concentration-camp conditions at Fort Snelling and later on a march to the Dakota Territories—North and South Dakota today.


Over 50 years later, the dehumanization of Native people continues. Here on the same soil that hosted the nation’s largest hanging in US History, we see a new fight with an old face. Regardless of our past or our present, we have a duty to stand up for what is morally right. Ensuring that history is honored - we march. 


In Solidarity,

Lane Brown, B.QullecTivE

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