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Where are we, and where are we going?

Every meeting begins with a poem.

This is my home
this thin edge of 
  —Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands/La Frontera

So here we are a bunch of Queer Brown artists, survivors, socialites, East-Coast transplants, sitting around a table talking Black Supremacy as usual, listening to B.Steady (as usual). This is where the idea is born. What if we could get B.Steady to perform at PRIDE?

She must have been on all our minds when we came up with the name, but it sure isn’t just an empty copy-cat. B Stands not only for Brown, but also for BE — for a place where we can just BE our own selves, our whole selves, our radical brown, queer/trans selves, without dancing through the ropes of inclusion that have kept us out of most other LGB(t) orgs in the Twin Cities. 

B.QullecTivE is a place for us to BE, collectively.

Far from home, and most of us not really knowing what “Home” meant, we formed our own family. Family is about love, trust, and support. It’s picking each other up when we’re down. Teaching and learning from each other. Sharing groceries and physical space. Common memories, histories, experiences. Family is loving each other even when we disagree, even when the cards are down, even -and especially- when we’re all we have left. This is what we are looking for in B.QullecTivE.

Creative spaces where we can speak our truths, and not be criticized for our experiences; Social gatherings to unify our communities; Political organization through which to fight our oppression; Economic resources to feed, house and employ our people; and Education — the root of all freedom — for the people, by the people.

Every meeting ends with a poem.

I knew life
Began where I stood in the dark
Looking out into the light.
  —Yusef Komunyakaa, “Sunday Afternoons”
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